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These individuals recognize their unique platform to use their talent and spotlight for good.

Adrian Banks, Israel
Alando Tucker, Israel
Alex Chubrevich, Israel
Alex Rosenberg, Israel
Alyssa Baron, Israel
Amitay Gil, Israel
Amit Tulman, Israel
Antoine Wright, Israel
Anton Kazarnovski, Israel
Ashley B., Israel
Avi Ben-Chimol, Israel
Avishay Gordon, Israel
Avital Zwebner, Israel
Ben Eisenhardt, Israel
Ben Kdoshim, Israel
Bennet Davis, Israel
Brandon Bowman, Israel
Brian Asbury, Israel
Bruno Cerella, Kenya
Charles Thomas, Israel
Chelsea Hopkins, Israel
Christian Burns, Israel
Christopher Evans, Israel
Chris Watson, Israel
Cinmeon Bowers, Israel
Coty Clarke, Israel
Cox Demacro, Israel
Crystal Bradford, Israel
Curtis Kelly, Israel
Daisy Feder, Israel
Daniel Aidan, Israel
Daniel Raber, Israel
Dannielle Diamant, Israel
Danny Rubin, Israel
Dan Wallis, Israel
Dawan Robinson, Israel
Deron Washington, Israel
Devon Collier, Israel
Diante Garrett, Israel
Dor Goldenberg, Israel
Dor Wachner, Israel
Dror Hagag, Israel
Durand Scott, Israel
Edwin Ubiles, Israel
Elad Knafo, Israel
Eliran Guetta, Israel
Elton Brown, Israel
Eric Campbell, Israel
Eric Hicks, Israek
Errick McCollum, Israel
Eyal Shulman, Israel

Ezequiel Skverer, Israel
Gabi Moshiashvii, Israel
Germain Jordan, Israel
Golan Gutt, Israel
Guy Dotan, Israel
Guy Farber, Israel
Herb Pope, Israel
Iftach Buchman, Israel
Isaiah Swann, Israel
Ivan Aska, Israel
James Nunnally, Israel
Jeff Allen, Israel
Jermaine Hall, Israel
Jerome Randle, Israel
Jeronne Maymon, Israel
Jimmy McDonnell, Israel
Joe Smith, Israel
John Williamson, Israel
Jonatan Mor, Israel
Jonathan Skjolderbrand, Israel
Josh Selby, Israel
Julien Mills, Israel
Justin Carter, Israel
Larry O'Bannon, Israel
Liad Mishan, Israel
Lior Hakmon, Israel
Lior Lipshits, Israel
Liraz Kenig, Israel
Marco Killingsworth, Israel
Mark Lyons, Israel
Matan Naor, Israel
Maxim Kikus, Israel
Mickell Gladness, Israel
Moshe Rachamim, Israel
Naor Sharon, Israel
Naor Waitzenberg, Israel
Neta Segal, Israel
Nimrod Levi, Israel
Nir Netzer, Israel
Noam Laish, Israel
Ofir Lavy, Israel
Omer Shoshani, Israel
Or Cahal, Israel
Or Solomon, Israel
Ramel Bradley, Israel
Ram Elias-Pour, Israel
Rashaun Freeman, Israel
Raviv Limonad, Israel
Raymar Morgan, Israel
Regev Zanzuri, Israel
Richard Howell, Israel

Rion Brown, Israel
Robert Rothbart, Israel
Romeo Travis, Israel
Rom Geffen, Israel
Ron Sabag, Israel
Rum Cornelius, Israel
Shai Salz, Israel
Shiran Tzairi, Israel
Shir Levy, Israel
Smadja Eden, Israel
Suf Ben Moshe, Israel
Tal Omer, Israel
Talor Battle, Israel
Tamir Blatt, Israel
Terrel Harris, Israel
Tomer Ginat, Israel
Tomer Sadan, Israel
Tom Slutsky, Israel
Tyshawn Taylor, Israel
Uriah Gur, Israel
Wally Judge, Israel
Willy Workman, Israel
Yaniv Strauss, Israel
Yarden Gutt, Israel
Yehu Orland, Israel
Yonatan Rabinowitz, Israel
Zack Rosen, Israel
Zoe Reichman, Israel

*If you have volunteered with us, and we missed your name, send us a message!

a note to our players:

We would like to sincerely thank you for your time, effort, and commitment to the Hoops For Kids program. Your participation, enthusiasm for the kids, and energy change the game for us. You bring a special light that only you can posses, and we see and acknowledge how your flame creates a fire in the hearts of the kids you work with. That fire leads to improved confidence, higher grades, increased attention span, gained respect, and countless other values. Our program would not be successful without your efforts, and we simply want to say...



Tel. Israel 052-429-7714

Tel. USA 301-758-6066



Success! Message received.

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