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impact the world with us


Give to the Hoops For Kids program to help us grow and reach more at-risk youth around the world.


Are you a city or team looking to bring this program to your area? Lets partner to bring this amazing program to your deserving kids.

Player initiative

Sometimes your team isn't involved in your community. Don't let that stop you. Learn how to start your own Hoops For Kids mini program. 

Give Back Program

Whether you're a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, a college group, or a high school class, we can create a unique fundraising program for you.


Give to the Hoops For Kids Program.

Every penny donated helps us increase the number of at-risk youth we serve, buy t-shirts, basketballs, and other related gear, pay the salary for a Coordinator, start a program in a new city or country, and a whole lot more. All donations made are tax deductible. You can quickly donate in a few simple steps using our online platform, MightyCause, or you can mail a check. Want to know more? Contact us for any question you have. 



Bring Hoops For Kids to your community.

Basketball teams have a responsibility to be active members in the community they play in, and a positive way to do that is to give back. Hoops For Kids is a unique program that helps teams impact  at-risk children in their community while participating in the sport they share in common.

Being part of our program helps build a strong reputation in the community, increase your fan base, increase ticket sales, and find new sponsorship opportunities. Most importantly, your players become heroes in thecommunity. It is a great way to show fans that your outreach extends beyond your games. 



A head start on life after basketball.

Hoops For Kids is introducing a unique program that allows you, the player, to establish your own mini program in any city you are playing in. We will give you the tools to find at-risk children and a non-profit to work with. Additionally, we will supply the gear like t-shirts, basketballs, and an easy-to-understand-and-implement curriculum. This program gives you a chance to gain experience coaching, running a program, learning the in's and out's of the non-profit world, and essentially build your resume. To learn more about how you can get involved, Contact Us



Let's Brainstorm. 

There is no idea too large or small. Creating one-of-a-kind fundraising programs/events is what we love. We have helped others donate large amounts of basketball gear to our participants, host their own 3-on-3 tournaments in the name of Hoops For Kids, and create unique Bar/Bat Mitzvah programs. 

However, the needle does not stop there. Our goal is to get you involved in a way that matters to you! 

Still not convinced? Let us show you! Join us in Israel or Kenya for a fun and impressionable volunteering opportunity that will be sure to leave a mark in your heart. 

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