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How We Work

Whether you are a team, a player, or a community, we take pride in creating programs unique to your goals. The process in creating a program is a simple one, but our attention to detail and the importance of finding high quality teams and individuals to work with sets our bar high. Our job is to ensure each program becomes self-sustaining and has a long life span - making your program a sure success.


Finding a team that is serious and committed about the Hoops For Kids program is essential to the success of our program. The more a team is willing to "go all in," the more we can give back to the community. When teams struggle with commitment to the program, their communities lose an essential part of our program - mentoring. Teams that make the program a priority thrive in the community and are able to build a strong and lasting fan base.


Our Operations Manager and staff choose locations based on willingness to participate from the basketball teams and respective city. Additionally, we look at the demographics of the location and whether the youth population fit into our at-risk assessment. 


Hoops For Kids is a program, not a non-profit. Therefore, we partner with different non-profits around the globe who track and monitor our programming on our behalf. This allows us to ensure that each program is receiving their funding, materials, coaches, etc. in a safe and secure manner.  



FINDING And Training A Coordinator

Finding a committed, enthusiastic, happy, and hard-working Coordinator is essential to the success of the program. They become the face of the team and program, as they are the ones visiting and coaching the kids on a daily basis. The Coordinator and Team must be in complete communication so that players can find times to mentor. When a player cannot attend, the Coordinator runs the program on the team's behalf. The Coordinator will receive training and a handbook to help them teach each lesson plan. Every month will have a different theme that will be taught throughout each weekly meeting.


We make sure that your program has the supplies it needs and that your city/team is clearly represented. We supply custom team t-shirts, basketballs, cones, nets, etc. The kids get to keep their t-shirts and any gear that they receive. 


We create a volunteer and mentoring schedule that works with your team. Our goal is to find the most mentoring hours (within reason), so that the kids and community get the best of the program. Having an open line of communication allows for a seamless schedule with little hassle. 


Daily Clinics

Now that you have a program, our Coordinators will visit each location on a weekly basis. That means you now have a consistent, high-impact program in your community. Each meeting with the kids will include lessons from our life skills Playbook. Each month, the Coordinator will introduce a new life skill, and at the end of the month, they will review what they learned.

Quarterly Reporting

Every three months, we meet with the Coordinators, non-profit partners, and teams to provide program updates. We discuss the pros, cons, and which areas we can improve on. At the end of the season, we provide a year-end report which details all of the things we did in the community and how we hope to improve in the following season. 

To learn how you can bring the Hoops For Kids program to your city, head over to GET INVOLVED.



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